Date Fruit Is a Great Healthy Choice

May 5, 2021 , Date Fruit

The word dates comes from the Malay language, denoting that the fruit is grown in the country of Malaysia. This tropical country is located in Southeast Asia and is known for its rich fertile valleys, forests and mountains. This has resulted to the abundant production of the fruits which are eaten by local people, tourists and others across the globe.

This is where we will discover the popular fruits that are consumed worldwide. Some of the most popular dates include: Paneer, Dessert dates, Ripe fruit dates, Middle East dates and African mango dates. These all are harvested and then used to produce different kinds of products. Let us take a look at each type and discover the unique characteristics of each one.

Paneer dates are harvested from trees in May and June. These are green in color and look like peppercorn. They have an oily coating on them and have a tinge of spice in them.

Dessert dates are not only sought after for their taste. These are also known for their edible grains. These dates can be used for baking, for boiling, for grinding, for seeping, for making puddings etc. These are great for desserts and help reduce weight. The Malay version of this snack has a thicker consistency and is sweeter than other varieties.

Middle-Eastern countries are very famous for their Ripe fruit dates. These dates are available in Dubai, Egypt, and Jordan. The Jordan almonds are more popular. The fruits are quite sweet, with a slight nutty undertone. People eat these for dessert rather than for other purposes.

The African mango dates are harvested in Africa. These fruits are reddish brown in color. They have a bitter taste, but are known for their good nutritional value. The African mango is highly beneficial and is a vital part of the diet of the locals.

Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan produce dates. These dates are available for all local markets and are quite cheap. These dates are juicy and sweet. These dates are also known to have a good taste.

It would be a good idea to buy these dates in a store, before buying them in bulk. It would be wise to eat the fruits in bulk, as the shelf life of the product would be long. You can choose to buy a box or a pound of dates. This should keep you satisfied for a long time.

When buying these dates, remember to check its expiration date. This can help you save on money. When the dates are stored for long periods of time, they lose their freshness and flavor. So, eat the dates when you can still enjoy its flavor. When buying dates, try to buy the ones that are not overly processed.

Some people prefer eating dates whole. In this case, put a piece of dates in each pore of your mouth. If you feel like chewing gum, then simply chew a bit of dates. It is best if you leave the gum out in your mouth for a few seconds before spitting or swallowing. The saliva will take out the leftover flavors.

If you want to bake these dates, make sure you dry them thoroughly before using. Do not let them dry out for more than twenty-four hours. Let them dry naturally for at least three days before eating. Store the dates in an air-tight container in a refrigerator for up to a month. If you cut the dates up into small pieces, they retain more nutrients.

You can eat dates fruit by crushing it or using a processor. For those who prefer to eat them raw, then soak them in water for about ten minutes to soften them. Then squeeze the pulp out and spread on any dish you like. This fruit holds a rich taste of nutty and creamy, which makes it great for mixing in with any kind of food.

Try eating a bowl of dates fruit today. You will love its flavor. It’s one of the best nut-filled foods you can eat every day of your life.